Musical Pub Crawl

Musical Pub Crawl

Music, as Shakespeare said, is the food of love. Euripides, on the other hand, said that where there is no wine, there is no love. In all honesty, music, and wine is a combination that evokes the purest sensation of love and grandeur. There is no better way to listen to music than with wine, and there is no better way to enjoy wine than with music. At TLV Luxury pub understand this. And that is why we have set up musical pub crawls to satisfy your every craving of food and lavish you with exotic wines from our collection. 

We have a great multipurpose gallery at TLV. This is designed to give you an awesome feeling of entertainment and warmth. We have a great taste in music and we are sure you will find your genre from our bogus collection. We have Waltz, Mambo, Reggae, Pop, Blues, Salsa, Jazz, and many others. You are also allowed to pick your selection of songs and form your own playlists.  We have a fabulous stock of wines, beers, vodka, and scotch. Whatever it is, just name it and TLV will serve you on a platter of good music. 

This comes at a very affordable price. A single person may get admitted for fifteen dollars, a group of people may be admitted for fifty-five dollars (this option comes with four tickets only). The last category which (comes with five or more tickets) goes for seventy-five dollars. You can see that all three categories are very customer friendly. There are no hidden charges. Once you pay, you become entitled to our services. As you enjoy the glamour of the night’s music, you can also take advantage of our gaming hubs readily available at your disposal. We have different kinds of games designed to give you an enjoyable experience. You can have a bet with your friends or play for drinks. Additionally, for clients who want to have proper dinners, we have a robust catering service that works round the clock, offering the most amazing delicacies you can imagine. A taste will convince you beyond all doubts. 

With all these and more, you can safely say that we offer good music alongside a myriad of other great services that makes the music sound better and your experience worthwhile. 

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