Halloween pub crawl

Halloween Pub Crawl

There is never a party bigger than a Halloween party. It’s usually the most exciting way to have lots and lots of fun. Well, the good news is- this Halloween isn’t going to be just one party, but up to FIVE. We take you to hit the best bars and clubs in town on the biggest pub crawl you’ve ever been on.

What do they say about a place filled with drinks? They say it’s a place of laughs and cheers. Get ready to be on the most amazing pub crawl around town- the Halloween Pub Crawl. The night fun includes multiple pub entries, free shots, drink deals, Halloween party in Halloween costume, and many more. What more can be fun?

Halloween Pub Crawl features some of the best bars in town. It’s one of the biggest Pub crawls in the city. Imagine drinking around bars dressed in Zombie Hitler or Wonder Woman costumes. We aren’t going less on fun and entertainment, but ready to put it all out for you. This is a chance for you to meet cool people on the busiest night of the year and make them your new friends.

What To Expect on The Halloween Pub Crawl 

The best dressed- you are expected to bring your A-game on the Halloween Pub Crawl because you might just be lucky enough to win the best dressed for the night.  So get in your best Halloween costume and be ready to hit the super clubs in town.

Free entry to 5 bars- it’s going to be the busiest and craziest night of the year, so we will be hitting 5 super clubs in Halloween costumes. You don’t have to pay before you gain entry into these bars. 

Free shots everywhere- how would you like to enjoy free drinks in every bar you go to? Very well, we know. So, expect to enjoy free shots in all the bars we will be hitting. 

Best deals on drinks- you get to enjoy the best deals on drinks in the bars. You get to pay as low as half prices for drinks. Our goal is to secure you the best drinking spots and drinks at cheaper and convenient prices. 

Free glow sticks and zombie makeovers- if you are going on Halloween Pub Crawl,  you should look the part. You will be dolled up in zombie makeovers and be given free glow sticks for the night. 

Loads of pictures- memories are important. You need to capture the memories so you can look upon them each time you want to. A photographer will be available to take beautiful pictures of you the whole night.

You meet new people- the Halloween Pub Crawl is a night to meet cool and beautiful people. You don’t need to have a date to enjoy the fun. You can mix and make friends that night. Everyone will be having fun, so feel free to act like you’ve known one another before the night.

Halloween Pub Crawl- 1 big night, getting in and out of bars, and stirring up the party all night! So much fun you shouldn’t miss.

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