Friends Bar Crawl

Friends Bar Crawl

If you ever want to enjoy the very best of fun to the last, where you need to be is the Friends Bar Crawl. Many people come into town on vacation or visit looking for where the fun happens in the city, not knowing that Friends Bar crawl gives the best of it. 

Imagine we get you to go on a bar crawl in all the best bars and clubs in the city. Amazing right? Yea, at the Friends Bar crawl, we get everyone who loves to explore the city to the best bars and clubs in town. You won’t only be taking shots on this crawl, but you will also meet with lots of fun and energetic people who enjoy the club living. You also get to compete to be the trivia champ for the night. 

Why Friends Bar Crawl? 

The truth is no one knows the fun part of town like we do. We want to save you the stress of going around or even settling for a bar you do not like. We also want to save you from having bad experiences. What we do is help you select the best pubs for booze in the city. 

There are many great parts of Friends Bar Crawl that you should enjoy- The drinks, the fun, the cheers, the trivia, the people, etc. You enjoy quality drinks, extraordinary fun, and get to be around quality people. You don’t have to get wasted on drinks, but you won’t want to pass on the fun. Fun can never be too much, so be ready to have fun-filled moments on Friends Bar Crawl. If you are looking for a reason to crawl with us, the following should convince you;

Free Entry To Up to 5 Bars

The Friends Bar crawl is some kind of fun adventure. We give you free entry to up to FIVE  of the best bars in town. You don’t need to pay an entry fee for any of these clubs. We bring you there to have wild fun than you’ve had in a while. 

Free Shots of Quality Drinks

This has got to be the most loved part of the Friends Bar crawl. Free booze for everyone! You get free shots everywhere you go. You also get a special menu and special discounts on drinks.

Drink Deals

We get you the best deals on exotic drinks. You don’t have to wreck your pocket before getting enough to drink for the night. You have as much as you can drink without your pocket complaining. There are drink deals to enjoy everywhere.


All that fun won’t just go without you having some pictures to save the memories. You get to take photographs of you drinking, dancing, chatting, and enjoying your time. 



We sure know how to get everyone on their feet with the right music. We set the atmosphere on fire to ensure that every single person on Friends Bar Crawl enjoys fun to the fullest. You can wiggle on the dance floor and even join a dancing competition if you are up for it. 

Friends Bar Crawl is not one to miss out on. There’s never a reason not to come have fun!

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