Best Night Clubs in Tel Aviv

Best Night Clubs in Tel Aviv 

Nightlife, booze, loud music, dance on the table, and many more make up the city of Tel Aviv- the fun capital of Isreal. Tel Aviv isn’t called the fun capital for no reason. It is a world of nightlife and a city that never sleeps. There is always a club or bar to crash in this city. There is something about this city that won’t make you want to stop having fun. From the hottest DJs to the glamorous spot, cocktail bars, the gorgeous people, and the hedonistic vibe. 

For a first-timer who is looking to catch the hedonistic and nightlife vibe in this city or a regular who wants to have better nightlife fun in Tel Aviv, these are the best night clubs in Tel Aviv to catch the vibe;

#1 The Block

The Block has a worldwide reputation for being a mega-club in the city. It is located within the new Tel Aviv central bus station. It is the right spot for dance and techno parties. You would give credits to the renowned DJs that come in to play every weekend. It holds a spacious bar for all kinds of exotic drinks you want to enjoy, an impressive DJ stand to play electronic and carefully selected music and a separate smoking lounge. The Block party is a top-class party you should try.

#2 Pasaz

This underground night club is a part club and part live music venue. Pasaz is one of the spots for night chills, with music as the main attraction. It is the spot to enjoy live jams, even on weekdays. There is a tight music schedule at this spot. A tip to enjoy your nightlife at Pasaz is to arrive at midnight when space is starting to fill, grab a drink at the bar, and dance through and through the crowd. Pasaz is always fun-filled!

#3 The Breakfast Club and Milk Bar

This night club in Tel Aviv isn’t as big as the first two, but it’s one of the best places you can enjoy a great night party. The Breakfast Club and Milk Bar is one of Tel Aviv’s greatest clubbing scene. It blows big sound of electro sets, new rave and Israeli funk. Both Israeli and international DJs come in here to play every other night. The Breakfast Club and Milk Bar remains Tel Aviv’s Undisputed King of Cool.

#4 Drama Club 

Drama club is one of the newest and coolest clubs to enjoy a special nightlife experience in Tel Aviv. You feel the electrifying vibe immediately you step into Drama Club. You can start your night off at Drama with drinks, music, and by meeting new people. This club is a gem and it is where the fun is. It is a great night club to be.

#5 Haoman 17

Haoman 17 is named after it’s location on Haoman street. It’s a mega-club moved down from Jerusalem. It is one of the largest party spots in Tel Aviv. It has four large spaces, two dance floors, a chill-out room, an outstanding lighting and sound system, and a special DJ booth for guest performances. Haoman 17 relates you to the real definition of Nightlife fun.

Enjoy the best of Tel Aviv!

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