Drama Bar Tel Aviv

One of my favorite pastimes is the Drama Club, this place provides a special experience from the moment you enter.


What I love about the drama is that it is both a bar and a club which allows you to start the night off with some drink, meet new people, talk to the friends you have met.


  Then as the evening turns into the night the real mess starts, the atmosphere on the mainstream plaza and techno (how many rooms have I already said?) Becomes electrifying.


Another significant advantage the drama club has over other venues, is the quality of the audience that comes to it.


I often came to know tourists from many places in the world who came to check out the Tel Aviv scene.

Don’t get me wrong, there are drawbacks to the place too:


Every time people arrive (even in the middle of the summer) there are queues of people waiting to enter


Which may leave you out if you arrive too late and you didn’t book in advance.


The audience

One of the most important things to me going out to a club / bar is the quality of the people.

Some may say that there are loads of bars and clubs in Tel Aviv – what’s the drama surrounding the drama club?

So it is that the quality of the people in the place is the thing that was most prominent to me, as I have said, I have met numerous times to meet tourists and more importantly tourism (from a variety of places).

I don’t know about you, but when I go out I want to meet quality people

The music

The music is also very high quality, usually the fishermen who take them to the place are quality (I usually say that sometimes there are disappointments).

Plus there are two music styles in place – mainstream and techno so if you want to diversify you can.

The tour we offer

Our goal is to save you the trial and error that every tourist experiences when arriving in a new country, the drama club is undoubtedly a place not to be missed so it is included in our tour.

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