Dizingoff pub crawl


You all know Friday night is quite large in Dizingoff Street and Tel Aviv and it is obvious that’s the place to be in. You want to know why it is called Tel Aviv, have fun with the locals of the area and you’ll get to find out that it is the party capital of the world. At night four of the top dance bars, bars and clubs are visited in the city. If you’re a fan of techno, hip-hop, Israeli or even Latin music then the night spent at Dizingoff Pub Crawl would be enjoyed. After your night of fun, you’ll call your friends for more nights of fun.

It happens every Friday from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm. An hour at the meeting point is organized for pre-drinks.

It is usually hosted at the Beachfront hostel through 78 Herbert Samuel. You’ll also get 5 free shots, a free beer and VIP entrance to 4 bars and clubs. It also costs 100 ILS (28$) on the spot, 85 ILS (24$) on our website.

Why should you go to Dizingoff pub crawl


  • Great Bar


Dizingoff pub crawl would take you to the most hidden bars, local clubs in the area of Tel Aviv.


  • Meet Lovely People


Meet fine foreigners and locals from every part of the world. A lot of friendships could be made.


  • Get the Best Deals


You get 5 shots, a complimentary beer, a VIP entrance going everywhere and an all in a price ticket.


  • Visit the best public crawl


As long as you’re in a place that has Dizingoff pub crawl, you have to visit it. Everything you desire is available. Waiting for you to come and get a taste of it.

Several reviews are available on what people have said about this pub crawl.

Some have stated it was amazing with great people and an epic just. Another has said it was a great night with a fabulous host and he highly recommends it. Another reviewer stated it should be the first thing to do in TLV. One even stated it has the best bars, the best people and it is the best pub crawl.

The essence of this is to make sure the diverse and dynamic nightlife in Tel Aviv is enjoyed. Much should be discovered in as much time you have. Enjoy the night scene, enjoy the most exclusive and trendiest hotspots. Enjoy your stay in Israel and go for a night you’ll not forget for as long as you live.

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